Children 4-6 yr. old

Program specifically designed for children ages 4-6 who follow basic directions and instructions.  This class does not focus on traditional martial arts but rather teaching and instilling character traits as well as strengthening their bodies and minds.

What about 3 yr olds?  We do have a few 3 yr old children in this program if they are able to follow basic instructions and have at least a 10 minute attention span.We invite you to bring them in for a FREE TRIAL

Basic martial art techniques are taught in a stacking format that allows them to more from one rank to the next easily while retaining what they learned in the previous ranks..

This is a 5-belt ranking system 

Beginners 7 and older

Program specifically designed for older kids and adults.  Here we train basic martial arts, we introduce some ground work as well as hand to hand close quarter defense.  Primary focus on traditional martial arts with no excepts but weapon training.  We do offer weapon defense however.  Here we keep them all smiling, sweating and learning in each class..

This program has a 9-belt ranking system as a standard from white to black belt; however once a student obtains their green belt they are no longer considered a beginner we move them to the intermediate training classes.

Adult Martial Arts

Designed for Adult age students or students with special permission to attend class. This is for all ranks below Black belt.


Includes mixed martial arts training of basic jujitsu (ground self-defense), sparring (street self-defense), basic weapons training.

This class is for all adults no rank or previous training required.

Personal Fitness

Group training for individuals of all fitness levels. With over 15 years experience in the Health and Fitness industry, our trained instructors will safely and effectively lead you through workouts to stabilize, strengthen and sculpt every part of your body.  Learn more...

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