Be Calm, Be Confident

These are certainly challenging times and there are a lot of things out of our control. What we can control is how we respond to the circumstances around us, and how we respond can certainly influence outcomes. In order to keep the industry thriving, we wanted to help our fellow school owners by sharing some knowledge to help keep all boats afloat right now.

With this in mind, we want to offer several MORE important actions you can take and focus on to keep your martial arts business moving in the right direction in these difficult times. Stay tuned for more updates and action items we will be posting to help you and your team.

Affirm that we WILL get through this. Take precautions. It’s smart to prepare for bad times. But with that said, affirm the best. Years ago, when we were going through an extremely rough situation, I wrote a note to myself that really helped get me through the Low times. It’s personal, but perhaps you will find it valuable, so I will share it with you now. You can use the words if you like them, or use the concept and write a note to yourself that you can call upon in low times.

Recite this for the next 28 days:

  1. I am strong, calm, and committed.

  2. I will not be back in fear.

  3. Instead, I will move forward with confidence born of good thinking and hard work.

  4. I will not let occasional doubts change my focus.

  5. Be at work or play, I will strive to be in the present moment.

  6. Every day I will do my best and leave the rest to God and retire to my home worry free.

  7. These hard times WILL pass

  8. Life is good.

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