How much does it cost?

This is the number 1 question people ask when inquiring about martial arts training. While we offer a number of specials and discounts often we do have a base rates for our month to month students. We offer the following base rate:

  • $119 per month (no long term) with AutoPay option is our normal per student rate
Come in to ask about our specials and discounts

Do you offer family rates/discounts?

Yes! Multi-family member rates are as follows:

  • 3- students regular base rates based on program option selected
  • 4- students FREE

When can I do a FREE TRIAL?

FREE TRIAL classes are offered every day. All you need to do is either call ahead or click here to start your FREE trial

Where are you located?

Our physical address is 13915 N. Dysart Rd Suite B2 El Mirage, AZ our cross streets are the Northwest corner of Thunderbird Rd and Dysart Rd right next to the Metro PCS store. Now we are also everyone. We also over live virtual classes online

What should I wear to my FREE TRIAL class?

please wear something comfortable that you can perform exercises in. We also do not wear shoes or socks on the training floor. Our training is barefoot or with specially designed martial arts shoes.

Do I need to have previous martial arts training?

No previous martial arts training of any kind is required. We all start as beginners. However if you do have previous training it will only help to speed up the learning curve.

Can I watch my student while in class?

Absolutely, we actually recommend it. We do not want any family to view us as a childcare or drop and run. We have found that the students you have the best results are those whose family members stick around to watch the class. During the pandemic we are asking that you practice all the CDC recommendations and we are following them inside our studio

What if I have children/students who have different class times?

Our program is family oriented and designed for families. If by chance you have students who's ages require them to be in different class times and that creates a challenge for you on a case by case bases we sometimes allow them to train together in the same. This is highly depend upon the ages of the students.

Do you have contracts?

No, we do not have contracts. We are program memberships that give you the freedom to chose how loyal you will be to our studio

What if we need to take a break for any reason?

We all understand that life happens and things transpire beyond our control. We do our best to accomidate students/families who might need to take a break for any reason. However; what we are not able to do is promise that upon your return you will be able to receive the same rates and/or discounts you were on before the break depending on the duration of the break. We do ask that you make us aware of your need as soon as possilble to try and prevent future bill. Typically a 30-day notice is required.

What style of martial arts do you train?

Our core discipline is ITF Taekwondo. We use the basic hard style techinques and the core ITF forms. However our training is a blended style with a mixture of Boxing, Kenpo, Kajukenbo, FMA and some ground training.

Do you compete in tournament competitions?

Yes, we try to participate in at least two "open style" tournaments per year. These tournaments are local to Arizona. During this time of pandemic we are not participating in any form of competition.

Do you offer virtual classes?

Yes as a matter of fact we do. Now you can train with us from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and web camera at no additional cost. We use zoom for all of our live online classes and you do not need a zoom account to participate. Enroll now by clicking here and details on how to get connected will follow.

Are you open during the pandemic?

Yes, we as of August 31, 2020 we reopened our doors to the public and are always accepting new students. We do follow all the recommended CDC, local state and goverment protocals during this time and request that our students and familes due as well. This includes but not limited to mask upon entry and exist as well as a tempature check for all upon entry.

Do you offer Adult classes

Yes we offer adult classes; however due to the pandemic our classes are combined and the adults beginners are included in the 7 and older class. There are currenlty adults training in this class thus you will not be the first one. Also you can always take this class virtually if there are concerns about participating with children. Please note we all start as beginners regardless of our age and it is very encouraging to students when they see adults coming to learn.

Tel: 623-738-5308     Email: info@oasisma.net

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