How Much Does it COST?

The #1 question that is always asked when inquiring about martial arts training is, "how much does it cost?" 

We wish we could say it was FREE but that is not a reality. What we can tell you is we are the least expensive martial arts program in the West Valley. Even though our rates are low we offer the highest level of overall martial arts training for one price regardless of age.

Unlike many we do not hide our fees or offer a "bait and switch" options.

Our base rate for all programs and all ages is only $119 per month per student with additional benefits for other family members.


With the rate there is:

  • No enrollment or processing fee

  • No down payment required

Occasionally we offer enrollment specials that drop the rate and lock it for 12 months

There are additional cost for the following "over-time":

  • Training uniform

  • Sparring equipment

  • Ranking exams and events

  • Training accessories

Before we ask you to spend one dollar with us we invite you to come give us a test drive with one of our FREE Trials classes.  Please check our schedule for days and time for your students age group.

If you have other questions about anything please check out our FAQ page.

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